Emily Texas

Sexual Assault is Not Limited to One Person

Sexual assault can happen to various people, who where there at the wrong time and wrong place. There are indeed laws that cover this, but because of the recent case of Brock Turner, the outcry for redemption needs to be heard.

Dear Future President,

The topic of sexual assault is a controversial one, which is therefore a topic a topic that we, the people of America, need to fix. 

The nation is seemingly torn apart on whose part to side with; those who went through the traumatic experience, those who plead to the judge for pity for their unforgivable crime, and lastly, those who would rather not participate in this argument. 

In fact, the people wanting to remain quiet is what you might not have expected; colleges. Many sexual assault cases are muted by a majority of campuses across America, mostly from the fear of ruining their 'spotless' reputation or they simply shun their students who experienced this assault. 

For example, a woman named Emilee Franklin, who had studied abroad with her college, St. Scholastica, was sexually assaulted in Ireland. Originally, the university had scheduled a meeting where Emilee could talk to others who were going to study abroad and warn them, but the school's chief student affairs officer cancelled it soon after. 

Franklin felt crushed and immediately filed two federal complaints, and despite getting The Huffington Post to report about it and help, the school refused to speak, simply saying that it will take this case 'seriously'. Their actions, on the other hand, completely contradict their statement. 

In fact, according to the complainants that Franklin sent, Lyons, the chief student affairs officer, waited two months before responding back to Franklin, and the school didn't issue the no-trespass order the summer it was requested, but rather the next spring semester. This, therefore, shows the hypocrisy of the alleged college. 

But sexual assault doesn't only concern campuses, but also our military. Military sexual assault is not widely spoken about, but it does occur, and many of the assaulters get away with it. Yet, unlike the risk on campuses for female students, males have a higher chance of getting sexually assaulted. The reason why it is higher for men is because of how much space men take up, specifically, 85%. Female sexual assault in the military does occur, but at a smaller rate.

Regardless, various studies shows that sexual assault matters to both genders, and are dismissed as easily too. Naturally, this only proves that America needs to take this matter into their own hands. Yes, it may occur in different areas, but we shouldn't forget that being sexually assaulted means that you were violated in some way, regardless of your gender, and sadly, age. 

This leads up to child sexual abuse, which is incredibly rampant in our nation, leaving a chill to run down the spine of loving parents whenever the news covers a sting or broadcasts a missing child report. In fact, it has been proven that sexual assault can traumatize a child; suicidal attempts occur more often, low self-esteem is rampant, and were much more depressed and unhappy than those who were not assaulted.

Ultimately, all of this is completely disgusting either way, having your dignity ripped away in a matter of seconds, only for the rest of the world to blame you for what you wear, to man up, or even have death silence you instead.  So, Future President, will you watch your fellow citizens crumble, or will you take action against these retched crimes?


Emily A.