Sarah L. Ohio


What must we do to help this urgent situation.

Dear future President,

Even though I am not old enough to vote yet and I’m not super up to date about everything that is going on in the world, the issue of abortion is really important to me. I believe that women have a right to get an abortion under certain circumstances. Some people think that women should always have the right to have an abortion. Others believe that abortion should be illegal. This issue is really important because it decides the future for another American citizen that could as far as we know invent flying cars or be a future president and other important things. My standpoint is that no abortions should be allowed after 12 weeks. I am neither pro abortion neither am I totally against abortion. Abortions should be allowed but no longer than 12 weeks and no more than 3 abortions per citizen resulting in less brutality towards unborn babies and to teach people to make better decisions.

By twelve weeks a baby’s immune system starts to develop and soon after that it develops a heartbeat. By thirty six weeks blood circulation is fully developed and their digestive system is starting to develop. A lot of places such as planned parenthood offer late term abortions. A late term abortion is usually considered as 24 weeks. Late term abortions are also often referred to as partial birth abortions. This information is relevant to the problem because women are having abortions when a baby is already 36 weeks and can live outside of the womb.

The fact of the matter is that even by twelve weeks the baby is developing and to think that some people wait until thirty six weeks to get an abortion is sickening and by then a baby can feel pain and that in my opinion is murder in the first degree. I personally don’t think that abortion at anytime is justified but I do think that a women has a right to abortion if she feels it is necessary.

The solutions that can be done to solve the problem of abortion is to repeal the law Roe V Wade which is a law that gives women the right to control their own medical decisions for getting an abortion by twenty four weeks with no interference with politicians. We need to reconstruct the law and put in certain regulations that women after 12 weeks no longer have the right to an abortion and after they have had three abortions also lose that right. They need to decide whether they think that their current place financially and other situations they may be in is a good environment for a child to grow up in and if they are mature enough or prepared to alter their lifestyles in order to take care of a child.

I share a personal connection with this problem because my cousin Kacy who is currently 21 has a 2 year old boy named Noah and her best friend Abbey had a kid named Aubrey right before Kacy had Noah and now she has another baby named Brooklyn who is 10 months. She recently found out she was pregnant for the third time and took a morning after pill because she didn’t think that she could handle another child, and she does not have a relationship with the father anymore. Majority of the time my Aunt Kim, (Kacy’s mom) takes care of Brooklyn and Aubrey because their parents are really irresponsible so my aunt takes them whenever she can. Although she can’t always take care of them and so Brooklyn gets neglected and they don’t feed her enough and she still hasn’t had her shots and is small for her age. The worst thing is that she’s always crying and her parents get upset and the only one that can sooth her is my Aunt Kim, she is basically her primary parental figure. It really makes you think if it weren’t for my aunt, what would have happened to Aubrey and Brooklyn and some people don’t have that person to fall back on? You also have to think if a drug addicted mother had a baby and raised them, would they become a drug abuser as well? There are a lot of different aspects to think about with abortion and what we believe and our solutions.

It is up to you Future President to decide whether we should help save lives and teach irresponsible people to make better decisions, or continue to have late term abortions and have people use abortions as their birth control. Women have rights to abortion but how they have been using them is wrong. If we don’t do something about this issue, we are supporters of murder. However, if we work together to repeal Roe V Wade and reconstruct the law, we will have fewer abortions and have a better society. What are you going to do about this? People are torturing these babies by exterminating them this late. How do you feel about the suffering of these innocent children? What have they done to deserve this kind of treatment? So, it’s up to you, Future President, to do what’s right for the future generation of the children of our country.