Milena d. Ohio

What ever happened to viewing each other as equals?

Someones Race, who someone loves are both things that bring out contradicting statements. The way woman are treated as if their no is a preference and their outfits are an invitation. While people debate these topics, the ability to hold respect for one another is quickly dissolving. Leaving a world of ignorance and hatred.

   Dear Next President:

As a citizen of the United States and someone who has valid concerns of what lies ahead for the future, there are some issues that i'd like to discuss with you. We live in a democracy, welcoming all types of beliefs and heritages which of course corresponds with debates and conversations that are more than welcome. However, over time this idea of people having educated discussions while simultaneously holding respect for the opposing side quickly dissolved leaving hatred and cruelty, as we both are well aware of. “ We must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools,” that is something that was once said by Martin Luther King. This is something we have seem to forgotten.

One of the main topics I would like to bring your attention to is discrimination such as racism and against those who have forgotten that one cannot control the color of their skin nor who they love. If you share my views of this topic or not is not relevant. For your job is not to focus on what you want but to have the ability to look through the eyes of those who live their daily life being afraid to let their true colors through and are forced to stay in the shadows. To rule with an open mind and heart to do what is best for the people and evolution of the country. Do they deserve to be judged? If so who Who makes those standards and rules? You? Them? The majority? How can we expect to be treated with respect and kindness if the same people we expect that from we treat with intolerance and hatred?

Let's say for arguments sake you do feel that way. I have friends that are openly gay and I have seen how someone's ignorance and ability to feel entitled to someone else's life impacts the actual person making them feel as if they have a reason to be ashamed and if they aren't worth as much because they love someone who others deem as “unacceptable” or “gross”. When someone is surrounded by people or living in a world where they are viewed as disgusting, wrong, and sinful. It's not too long after that they start to believe that too. What do you do when that person commits suicid or cuts themselves because of depression, locking themselves away never knowing true love or happiness? If you do view people of a different race, beliefs or those who chose to love someone of the same gender as different than you and deserve to have different treatment that's your right, you are entitled to those beliefs. However, I urge you to try find a way that treats people with the same respect. Have organisations that really help these people.That's a main issue that I want to see be changed and evolved throughout history. It can all start with you, if you chose to you can make history. Have a movement to your presidency showing acceptance and equality. That we can all have opposing views if that barrier of respect stands high and strong.

The last issue that I feel needs to be addressed is the one including general respect especially for woman and realization of boundaries. I have had personal experience with people not respecting me in public settings. People have not respected my boundaries from yelling at me through a car window to coming up to me in person . Using simple flattery or sometimes to a point where you feel uncomfortable and simply violated in a sense. I have been yelled at at an airport for not giving them my driver's license due to them not believing my age. I have no doubt that it is not just me who has had these experiences. All woman have been in a place where they have been verbally or physically intimidated, being viewed less than what we deserve to be. There needs to be an understanding that when a woman says no or visually shows they are uninterested that it's not a suggestion but a decision that needs to be respected. You have the power to do something about this, make a real change.

For all of these issues there are organizations and ways to seek help if need be. However, that does not change the truth that this is still happening. That there are donations one can make to stop these things from happening and though I am sure they reach many, it's not enough. There are more ways to seek help after one of these events have occurred than there are to prevent them in the first place. We have all become way to accepting to the idea that those who do wrong we fear and adjust to instead of standing up and changing the dynamic. The world needs to change, to evolve to a new mid set, and if not that remember what it means to be human. Remember the importance of Empathy, respect, compassion. You have an advantage as active president that most do not , power to make the world a better place.

Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns.



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