Emily M. Ohio

Abortion is a problem

I believe that abortion is a problem that we should have a choice on.

Dear Future President,

Abortion is a terrible, dreadful, scary thing. And though I don't have any say in anything that has to do with this, I still care about it and so should you, as the president of this country. We as women have the same rights as men so we should be punished equally as well. Killing an innocent child that is still in the womb of the mother could be considered a terrible crime that happens all the time, daily even. Abortion should not be allowed to happen that often. But because it does happen so often we are reminded that to some people abortion is a way out of an accidental pregnancy, but to others is considered to be murder.

Abortion is basically a women getting pregnant and then deciding that they don't want to or can't have the child they have conceived. So they take away a life of a not yet born child and terminate any chance of making a pair of foster parents a suitable family for that child, putting another pair of people on the waiting list to adopt a child. And there are approximately 211 million pregnancies every year. 4 in 10 conceived children are aborted by the mother. That may not seem like a lot but in reality it's more than you might think, and it is wrong. I'm not trying to say that abortion should not allowed to be done to save a woman's life, but if a woman who is pregnant and can have the child without risking their life, decides that she can't or won't take care of or doesn't even want this child that she has conceived, then she should have to give life to the child then give it up for adoption. Now adoption isn't the best option either but that is a different topic.

Women of our country are affected greatly, but so are several other people, like the foster parents that could have been that childs family. Because so many women have abortions there are approximately one to two million couples per year that have to wait to see if they are lucky enough to get a child that didn't get aborted by the mother..And it is just disappointing how long the people of our country have let this go on. Because this has gone on for so long many have rightfully begun to protest, and if I were you I would do something to stop this before it gets too out of hand, like lessening the amount of abortions that occur every year.

Yes, abortion is a scary and bad thing, but a lot of people think of it as a way out of an accident or mistake that no one can plan for. I support those women who can't have a child without risking life who get abortions, but if a woman gets pregnant and decides they don't want a child then they should have the child and give it up for adoption because there are obviously enough couples waiting to be parents. Abortions aren't all bad there can be good things that come from them, like not overpopulating the already overpopulated Earth. Just think about all the people that would be crowding the Earth if abortions were illegal. Earth would be a bit crowded at that point.

We, as a country, are depending on you to do what you think is the right thing to do about this situation. You could keep letting murder happen in our country or you could save innocent lives and make this world even more overpopulated. There are consequences with both options, and we as a country should have to deal with those consequences whether we like it or not. I think that there are as many props to abortion as there are cons. Consider both because either way we will be reminded of the death and tragedy in our country. It's up to you, I hope you can make the right decision for the majority.