Emma G. Ohio


Guns are necessary, and we need to have them.

Dear Future President,

Guns can be dangerous but they also can be a good thing, it just depends how you use them. Guns have been around since circa.1364, and they are apart of what made America. Now people are trying to ban them, tighten laws and restrictions to do what they think will help us and cause less casualties. Guns are needed in our lives whether you know it or not, and even though guns can cause things like mass shootings they are used for so much more than killing like most people automatically assume. Gun policies ignore all the good they can do and only seem to remember the bad, resulting in them getting a bad reputation. Guns are necessary so getting rid of them is not an option.

Guns are more than just a weapon of destruction, but the person behind the gun is the real maker of all the chaos. Guns may have did things like Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown Connecticut (2012), an Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino California (2015), a Century 16 movie theater in Aurora Colorado (2012) or any other shooting. But they all have one thing in common, the person behind the gun pulled the trigger. Adam Lanza did Sandy Hook, Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook did San Bernardino, and James Holmes did Aurora Colorado. All of these people made the choice to raise the gun,point it at the victims and shoot. That was all on them, not the gun. Lets not blame the guns then try and take them from the Americans that use them for non-murderous acts.

There is no one cause for gun violence, so there is no one answer for gun control. There are many effects of these mass shootings that may not cross your mind. Schools are affected, workplaces, families, nightclubs, and many other places that you may not think of are affected. There are many factors that can cause a shooting to occur. Mental health is an issue, psychotropic drugs are an issue, anger is an issue, all of these factors and more are why shootings can possibly occur. Psychotropic drugs are chemical substances that change how your brain works in precision, mood or consciousness. Anger can make you want revenge. Your mental health can make you do some questionable things. All of these factors cloud and mess with your mind, because no sane person would do such a thing such as start a mass shooting or go on a killing spree.

Guns do more than cause harm, they are used for protection, hunting, sport, and basically surviving. Guns are used everywhere including in all the places where people are trying to ban them. The second amendment says "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." that means that arms/guns are necessary to our country and we are free to have them and they are not to be taken away. Because if guns get banned, they are going to get banned for everyone, and not just law abiding citizens. To elaborate on that statement guns are used to protect people like the president and if they get banned then nobody will be there to stop any attacks that may occur. Guns aren't bad when placed in the right hands and not someone who is capable of doing serious damage with it. So what would happen if you would try and ban guns from good people, think about that. How would people protect themselves and the others around them without the guns that protect them?

So Future President, are you going to keep looking at the negative effects of guns when it's really the people who are causing all of the harm. Are you going to tighten gun laws, ban more guns, or any other unethical idea you might have and just cause more issues than there already is? Or are you going to accept the fact that guns are needed and necessary. Because without guns the country will be worse off than it already is. Yes guns are dangerous but the person behind it pulling the trigger is more dangerous, so let's not blame it on the guns.

Sincerely, Emma G.