Alyssa N. Ohio

You Only Have One Shot at Life, Put the Gun Down

What would you do if you walk into Walmart for the first time and see a gun isle right next the the children's isle, this is our reality in America today. You cant stop violence with violence, Put the gun down, save your life.

Dear Next President:

The use of unnecessary gun violence is one of the most pressing issues of this time. In 2015 alone, there were 372 mass shootings and 64 school shootings in the United States. The US Department of Justice reports that 11,385 people on average have died each year due to gun violence between 2001 and 2011, this all needs to be stopped. America is supposed to be a country of freedom and not gun violence. I greatly believe that it is time we payed gun safety another visit and that the grip on gun safety should definitely be tightened.

Gun control leads to more domestic violence, . As Martin Luther King has said, “Returning violence for violence multiplies violence.” If you were in a situation that If a gun enters a domestic dispute the chances of death rises by 500%. I am suggesting a ban on guns in the hands of civilians, or making sure that the guns in your house are stored safely and locked up . Imaging if you're coming home from a party drunk, extreme angered or depressed and you see a gun on your table. It could lead to a person committing suicide, homicide, or just firing wherever. Everything becomes more dangerous with a gun. Guns should be banned or at least stowed away and locked up properly.

One major cause of this issue is the easy access. In order to solve this issue we need to revise stricter gun laws so people can't get a hold of them so easily. Also, maybe there should be longer waiting period before actually getting the gun. Why? because many people are so eager to get a gun , or to own a gun . The fact of waiting will throw many people off , and make them not even want the gun anymore because of the waiting period. We can and must end the outbreak of gun violence.

I think you should put a law in place saying that every gun store, pawn shop, or wherever you can get a gun, has to have background checks. If you put these laws in place, they will prevent past criminals, suspected terrorists, and people with mental disturbances from legally purchasing guns. Along with background checks, ordinary citizens should not be allowed to have access to military assault weapons. Only the military should have access to military assault weapons. I believe these things will help keep our communities safer.

Others should care about this issue because, many people are owning guns and using them in the wrong ways. When they make bad decisions it will be bad for the our world. More and more people are getting killed every day. They should get gun control as soon as they can.

Sincerely, Alyssa

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