Morgan Michigan

Texting and Driving

This letter is about the effects of texting while driving.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Today there is many car accidents. Do you know why? Most of the car accidents are caused by texting while driving or distracted driving. Hi, my name is Morgan and there has been a lot of car accidents. Ten percent of drivers around the age of 15-20 are distracted by their phone. That’s a problem. Your phones aren’t that important. I believe that the next president should take texting while driving more seriously.

According to apbfoundation, most of distracted crashes are in Florida and have had more than 12 percent crashes. WOW, that’s a lot. Car crashes are very dangerous and deadly. Who would want to be in a car with a person that was distracted while driving or even texting while driving. I know not me of course. There is several reasons why distracted driving is very deadly and dangerous. Here’s an example, you might run a red light.

Now let’s talk about some solutions we can make to stop texting while driving or distracted driving. We can stop texting while driving by turning your cell phone on silent. A even better one would be for you to put your phone in the glove box or out of reach. A way to stop distracted while driving is to educate the driver. So test the driver. Do things so the driver will understand the importance of driving and nothing else. Another reason how you could stop distracted while driving is to limit how late a teen driver should drive. So, like have a time where they can drive all day and what time they have to put the car away.