Colton Michigan

Circus Animal Abuse

This letter is about Circus Animal Abuse.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

I believe that you should do something about circus animal abuse.

According to 96% of circus animals live their lives spent in cages or hooked up in chains. Also according to PETA. org circus animals are tazed and stabbed with bull hooks.Two possible solutions to fix this is to Ban Weapons from circuses and to have more land for the circus animals to roam instead of having to sit in trailers or lay in train carts.

Secondly, The circus also uses pregnant animals and they also abuse them & 75% of the time the baby inside the mother dies and they just get another wild animal from the wild.A possible solution is that circuses should only get male animals or don't have animals at all. So if you don't have any animals you can release them back to the wild or give them to Zoos

Circus Animal abuse is a big problem across the world we need some solution for this problem.So Next President can you do something about this. It makes many people sad when they see trainers stab their animals and taze them our animals should not be treated like that.


Colton Dalton

6th Grade