Hannah M. Texas

Texting while driving

Texting and driving laws should be enforced more because people think that it is okay to text while driving and people are being killed and distracted.

Dear future President,

 There are many things in our world that needs to be fixed. One issue that is very important to me is texting while driving. In 2011,at least 23% of car wrecks involved cell phones,that’s 1.3 million crashes. A student from Gadsden City High said “I feel texting and driving is OK at speeds less than 45 mph.” Texting and driving is never okay. People think that it is okay to text while driving because they never get caught. As President,you must enforce these laws. Once you enforce these laws there won’t be as many crashes and deaths.

I think that teens think that it is okay to text and drive because they have seen their parents,friends and people in the next car do it. According to NCSL, texting and driving is illegal in some states like California,Delaware and Illinois. In other states like Tennessee, Wyoming, and Idaho they have some rules on texting and driving but the government doesn’t enforce them. Even with the laws in the state, people don’t respect and follow them because they never get caught. While people are texting they might crash into a innocent person. You are risking someone else's life just so you can text. Has the driver ever even thought about their family and loved ones. Nobody wants to be the person in the other car. One of my sister’s friends in elementary school was killed in a car wreck because the other car driver was texting. The mom was severely injured but sadly the girl died.At the school next day their was a ceremony for the little girl. Everyone was depressed and some people learned not to text and drive but others kept going on with it. As the next president of the U.S. you need to enforce these laws because people are getting into car crashes and a being killed or badly injured.

Drivers that don’t want to get caught tend put their phone on their lap so the police can’t see it. But this way, you don’t even have one eye looking on the road. Both of your eyes are looking down at your phone. Some say they only text at red lights or stop signs. Texting at a red light or stop sign is also dangerous because you won’t be paying attention to when you are supposed to go and other vehicles around you. Some cars now have a bluetooth. This is somewhat safer because your hands won’t be on the phone,they will be on the wheel. On the bluetooth you can make calls and it has a voice-to-text feature. Although it is a bit safer, drivers will still be distracted by the phone call or trying to get the text right because the voice detector wasn’t accurate. As the President, you need to enforce the texting and driving laws because drivers are not paying attention while driving.

As the next President of the United States, you need to enforce texting and driving laws because drivers are not paying attention while driving and many people are getting into crashes and are being injured or even killed. Some say that it is fine if you text and driving because there is an emergency and they need to respond right away. If you really need to text someone back you can pull over or wait till you get to your final destination. Every teen is excited when they finally get their license and they can drive by themselves. Even though I don’t have my license now, I would also be excited. Driving is a very risky thing, we all have to be responsible. Texting and driving is not a responsible thing to do.


Hannah M.

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