william Michigan

Starvation Nation

Starvation is a very big problem.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

I believe that starvation is a problem.Starvation Is in Africa.Its also in america. Even in a show called the harbor, a famous guy named Mike said “When I was little I was on a volunteer team my coach said “What do you want to do?” Mike said “I just want to help.” Mikes coach said “come here.” Mike followed him and they went under a bridge and there where homeless people and the coach said “A Lot of them need new socks.” Mike looked at her feet and they were very dirty and they were wearing the same socks for a long time.Some of the people under the bridge did not have food. Mike also brought them food for that case. starvation has been a growing problem because people are losing jobs.I believe that starvation is a very big problem.

Here is a list of ten countries that are starving to death. The first is Haiti. The second is Zambla. The third is Yemen. The fourth is Ethiopia. The fifth is Chad. The sixth is Sudan. The seventh is Comoros. The eighth is Timor-Leste. The ninth is Eritrea. The tenth is Burundi. Those countries are starving. We need to help them even if some of them are are enemies. Imaging if you were a kid that was starving to death. They need help because they could die.

We can donate at stop hunger now.

We can also donate at freedom for hunger.

We can see the areas that are starving at global citizen.

I think that is we provide more food to the people that are starving we could get the whole world involved.If we did there would not be very much more starvation.I think that if you make food cost less more people would be able to afford food for their family.I think if we get other countries involved then there would not be very much world starvation.If we donate food or money to the people that are staring they could buy food with the money or they could just eat the food donated to them.

All in all starvation is a big problem.Starvation is happening all around the world.Starvation can lead to stomach pain or evan death.Hot water or tea can help your starvation.If we donate some water or tea they can find a way to warm it up and that will help. There are a lot of different websites that you can donate to the starving on.Starvation can also lead to throwing up but with nothing to throw up.If God helped the starving with bread we can too.

Sincerely, William