savannah Michigan

Distracted Driving

My letter is about the dangers of distracted driving read this to see the dangers it could be.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Did you know that 16 people died in distracted driving each DAY that’s a lot. Hi my name is Savannah and I live in MIchigan and I think that distracted driving is a really big problem and we need to find a way to bring the 16 accidents to 0 accidents

Distracted driving is a really big problem right now it's been happening for decades and we need to find a way to make it STOP! Did you know that adults get in more car accident the teens, also more than 3,000 teens die each year, every day 11 people die because of distracted driving, I found that information at

I think that the next president should make distracted driving more seriously because sometimes it's not just you getting hurt what if you run into someone and they got hurt I don't know about you but that would stick with me forever. Texting while driving is more likely than drunk driving I found that statement at Also I think there should be an educational push, such like teachers teaching the students more about the dangers of distracted

There are a lot of solutions to stop distracted driving some things are self driving cars if we had self driving cars that would make a big difference it would stop all of the accidents another possible solution is harsher consequences if there were way harsher consequences like jail for years than I don't think that people would do it a lot anymore. One more solution is safer produce when in an accident if he had better air bags and more stuff in the car that would help you when you get in a car accident than not as many people would get hurt.