Elyza Michigan

Child hunger

Children are lost and hungry and sad all the time

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Take a minute and think of the ones on the streets. The ones left in the background. We are all so busy in life we don’t notice. But they have nothing to do, they are low on money, that’s why they are hungry. They don’t get a full plate of food. I have seen how many people around us are hungry. I help with feed the poor, I have seen children with no food. Their happiness is in my mind. Some children can’t get any opportunity for fresh food or any food. Children are dying. I beleive child hunger should end this is going on for as long as anyone can remember.

They are suffering. We have food we don’t like. Take advantage of it now. You can help. Provide more jobs. And make food cheaper. According to feedamerica.org/hunger 13.1 million kids are suffering, in the USA. The people around you are suffering and you don’t know. It’s not only children it’s elders and adults. No house , no food. This is critical for children’s development. They can’t grow. They almost shrink. There stomach shrinks and so does their hope. Some children that are hungry also don’t have homes. Some children are taught by their parents to steal. So they need help they don’t know any better they have to steal food so they don’t die. When you have every thing some people have nothing.

These children's lives revolve around getting food. When you were a kid you got three meals and additional snacks right? Their menu is one piece of bread or a potato. Why waste your life on finding food. Your whole life is nothing. Everything starts to look down and be torture. I am not affected by this situation but I have seen and talked to many people that are.

You can make more charities to provide more free food the them. Also you can provide better jobs in the areas people are affected by hunger. Yes we already have many many charities, you also can make more food banks. I hope you read this letter and take this into consideration.