Angel P Wisconsin

Circus Animal Abuse

This is about what the president should do about circus animal abuse.

Dear Future President,

I believe you should do something about circus animal abuse because it is cruel of us to abuse them and unfair to them to be abused by us.

Circus animal abuse needs to stop because they are just innocent animals who are being abused when they could be peacefully enjoying their life in the wild. According to animals spend 11 months a year in a boxcar for a long time with out climate control, sleep,or eating. What did they do to deserve this? 

This is very unhealthy for the animals they could die and if this continues maybe extinct. Trainer use whips, tight collars, muzzles, electric prods, bull hooks and other weapons to force animals to perform. If they keep abusing them the animals will get weak and die. Circus elephants may carry tuberculosis and this could be bad for not only them but humans too. Soon they will die and circuses will no longer be able to go on.

This is also kind of worthless and a waste of time for the trainers and the animals because of being trained wrong. Why would we force animals to do things they don't want to do that's just cruel of us. Even Though tigers fear fire they are forced to jump through a hoop of fire. Circuses have been responsible for over 100 human injury world wide. If our trainers can't even train there animals to do things right then don't even bother because there just getting hurt so we need to stop.