Koreyona Michigan

Violent Video Games

Violent video games are becoming a problem.

Dear Next President,

Kids are playing too many violent video games these days. Violent video games lead to bullying and violence according to Craig A. Anderson and Wayne A. Warburton, "The Impact of Violent Video Games: An Overview," Growing Up Fast and Furious, 2012. 

Please, Next President, stop violent video games and don’t sell violent video games to minors.

Kids become violent when they play violent video games. They get mad if they lose but most people do get mad if they lose. But if they wouldn’t play video games this wouldn’t happen, according to the child health study.

We don’t know how violent video games are affecting kids brains. Scientists haven’t done any tests on their brains and we should be cautious. According to CNN Health, an eighteen-year-old was a fan of first-person shooter video games and he shot nine people in Munich Germany. Violent video games were affecting his brain.

Please, Next President, get rid of violent video games. It would help a lot if you get rid of this problem.



7th Grade

Evart Middle School

Evart, Michigan