Lincoln N. California

Immigrants Aren't That Bad

Illegal immigrants should not be mass deported because they add to the fabric of this great country.

Dear next President,

There has been much talk of expelling illegal immigrants from the our country. Mr. President, I think this policy is misguided and will only cause harm to our economy and to the families of these immigrants.

There are many reasons why the policy above should not be implemented. There are hundreds of thousands of immigrants that work low paying, labor intensive jobs that most Americans wouldn't want to do. It isn't really taking away jobs if their is no one else to fill them. If all these people were to be deported back to their country, the labor sectors would collapse. It would be near impossible to replace them all without harming the economy. Too many businesses rely on these laborers. Imagine if all of these workers all of a sudden were deported. Many of these businesses would fail and the economy would crash.

In addition, it may cause problems with families of illegal immigrants. Many of these families have built lives here. While their children might have citizenship, their parents might not. It would not be fair to tear these families apart. Many immigrants have come here as children, and have grown up being American. It would not be right to strip them of their education and dreams, if they never had a choice. We must also think back to how this country was founded and who it was founded by -- Immigrants. The United States was founded on bringing the poor and persecuted to our country, to live in freedom. It would go against national policy to deport these immigrants who have suffered so much in their own country. 

Though I myself am not an immigrant, my mother is. She has come half way across the world to escape the communist regime in Vietnam. Born right in the middle of the war, she has had to endure all the hardships that come with war. Then, when she immigrated from Vietnam to California, she had to start all over again. She and her family worked hard to achieve their level of success today, working in sweatshops and doing jobs nobody else wanted to do. I am proud to say that she is a product of the American dream. I believe that every immigrant should have the chance my mother had to do great things and to live a better life. So please Mr. President, do not allow the mass deportation of Illegal immigrant who add so much to our great country.


Lincoln Nelson, Period 3

San Marino High School

Period 2-3; US Government

San Marino High School, class of 2017.

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