Berenice Oklahoma


Immigrants should be legalized and have equal rights as U.S. citizens.

Dear Future President,

          Do you ever wonder why immigrants try to come to the United States? I would like to address a certain issue about immigrants. I understand there are many problems going on in the U.S., but one of the main issues is about immigrants crossing the border. My parents have always told us anecdotes about their past before crossing and during crossing the border. Immigration reform would benefit this country and give many deserving immigrants a chance in the country. America gives better opportunities like better paying jobs, education, and in general a better financial life.  

          The article " To Make Immigration More Fair and More Just" explains that legal people get paid more than illegal people. Since the legal workers have more rights that undocumented people, they have better opportunities to find jobs. The undocumented people risk their lives to find a job to maintain themselves and their family. President Obama wants to pass common sense immigration laws.  In his 2013 speech in Las Vegas, he stated that "There's a better chance you'll get treated as any person, but if you cross illegally they will return you back where you came from". At first my father struggled to find a good stable paying job, but he took whatever job he was offered. During the time my father was here, the current President approved amnesty, which enabled my father to get citizenship. Immigrants today are how my father was at one point in his life, so I'm asking you to be that one President to legalize undocumented people.

         Globally, there are approximately 191 million immigrants living in America. According to the article "Closing the Door", state governments passed laws that discriminate against groups of immigrants. The more immigrants come the more they'll deny them and it'll be harder for the immigrants to cross the border. The immigrants are the ones who are affected because they are scared to be sent back. There wouldn't be education for the children whose parents are immigrants and there wouldn't be many people working for the U.S. The "citizens" of America want to send immigrants back where they came from because supposedly they are bad, bringing drugs, and illegal weapons.

        In reality, skin tone color and appearance does not define who you are. According to Time, most people come to America to get a better future. Some people think immigrants are just here to steal jobs, but we're really here to find a better future for ourselves and for our families. My parents were immigrants from Mexico, and they crossed the border like any immigrant would by walking hundreds of miles. They came here to have a better future for themselves and for their children.

        I am simply asking, Future President, to let most immigrants into this country. Immigrants are human beings just like citizens here in the U.S. I understand you have to protect your country but not everyone is bad. Give them the chance to have a opportunity here, and push immigration reform. Immigrants deserve to have equal rights or should gain some equality. People seek opportunities, freedom, and a better life.  The country wouldn't be the same if it weren't for immigrants.




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