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Families are coming to the United States for a better life. Some families are still not able to find a really good job here because they are not U.S citizens.

Dear Mr/Mrs President,

I am writing to you because there is a huge problem. Immigration is a problem because a lot of people come to the United States to get a better life, but some people can't get a good job because they don't have a social security number. I think that everyone should have an opportunity to get a better life, even if they are not from the United States. Most people come here to work, but they don't get an opportunity because others think that they are bad people and they don't deserve to be here. The president that we have right now has deported more than 2.5 million people, according to NY Daily News. I think that the president should not deport people because most of them don't do anything bad, and they are paying the consequences of other people. Also, families are torn apart because of deportation.

For example, my dad came to the United States to help out his parents and every week he would send them at least 300 dollars for food and other things that they needed. Every time he would get his paycheck he would send them money. Then he got deported and he stopped helping them for a while, and then he saved money to come back to the United States and when he was crossing for the second time he got caught, so they deported him for the second time. After he got deported the second time he tried coming again, and after the third time he actually crossed to the United States. So since the the third time he has never been deported again, but once he got here he saved up money so his parents could come too. So, now my dad's parents are also in the United States. My dad has been here for 20 years; he has been working hard and hasn't done anything bad; the only thing is that he just gets tickets, but he pays them. This is my dad's story, and that is why I think that most immigrants should be able to come and work here and I think that the people that have been here for so many years and have been working hard should be able to get their social security numbers.

I do agree that some people come here to do bad things, but I don't agree that most of the immigrants should pay that person's responsibility. I think that our future president should be able to help immigrants get their U.S citizenship so they can have more opportunities in getting better jobs and even a better education.


East Central High School - Tulsa

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