Faith A.

Drug Addiction amongst Teenagers

This letter to the next president is to state theat the usage of drugs among teenagers should be addressed and monitored.


                                                                                                                                      October 20, 2016

Dear Next President

Imagine if you had a chance to stop or help with drug usage among tennagers, because everyday more than one teenager struggle with the fact that they are addicts or even dies and/or commits suicide. Many parents try to help their kids, but they need more help. Drugs are taking over our generation.

Many teenagers are addicted to drugs (marijuana, heroin etc) because of depression, peer pressure, and family members. Most of these teens are dead and some of them are regretting what they are doing and what they have done. With the rise of money and extinction of drugs, it may help reduce addiction amongst teenagers of my age. states that By eight grade, 28% of teenagers have consumed alcohol, 25% have smoked cigerettes, and 16.5% have used marijuana. The more this happens the more tennagers die, because the addiction affects their learning, their life, their growth development, and their relationship. This situation affects people, family members, and also the environment. Family members are affected because they are losing loved ones and the environment is affected because people throw the trash and smoke everywhere which pollutes the surrounding.

Andrew Sullivan states in his article Addicted to Heroin: “I'm Literally Just Rotting,” that the number of deaths caused by heroin overdose has shut up by 50% over the past decade. All these tragic deaths will be reduced if we came up with a better solution. Some solutions like therapy, rehab, needle exchange already exist but, we need to come up with a better one.

Dear next President, please consider the cry of parents who have lost their smart, handsome, beautiful children to this deadly addiction that is killing our generation. Our generation will be a better place if drugs barely existed.

Sincerely, Faith.A 

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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