Yaz Pennsylvania



Dear Next President,

It is to my concern and many other working people the progress of our economy. Since the Crash of 2008 , the staggering recovery of the economy is apparent and it needs help. Some citizens say that the start of the troubling economy occurred while Obama was in office, which is not true because of the trillions of dollars in debt he took on, because of Bush. Millions of jobs were lost and in 2009-2013 the unemployment rate was so high it was unbelievable. The unemployment rate has decreased but with the cost of living increasing every year and putting taxes on almost everything, soon some people won’t even know how to manage life. The change for the better needs to happen now.

We need a strong leader to get our economy up and running right again, we need more jobs available to everyone and even more jobs for our younger generations, they are the future of society and exposure to the real world will be beneficial to everyone. Also, the requirements for certain jobs are very high, there are people with a criminal record, have to look a certain way, or not able to attend a college. 35 percent of the job openings will require at least a bachelor's degree; 30 percent of the job openings will require some college or an associate's degree; 36 percent of the job openings will not require education beyond high school. Not everyone is blessed to have the support of loved ones or family member to be able to survive in this biased world.The system is unfair, we do the hard work and labor for this country while the rich pays the politicians to pass laws in their favor to keep their wealth, very unfair.

In conclusion, there are many issues that need to be improved not just the ones that were stated. Being the president comes with a lot of responsibility and many people to please. A good president will try his/her hardest to be the top country of the world; leading in technology, business, and research. Those are the goals but the the quality of life for your citizens should be the main priority It’s important to me that the needs of people are met not just the ones with the big bucks.The system needs a turn in direction to help the middle to low class citizens, that’s the least they could do.