Jade K. Pennsylvania

Gun Violence in Philadelphia,PA

A letter by Jade Koam

Jade Koam

   My name is Jade Koam I am a student at Olney Charter High School, Perhaps I tell you about the time my uncles lost their lives physically and mentally, Due to Gun Violence. Gun Violence is major here in the city of Philadelphia. Now that gun violence is increasing in Philadelphia things are changing, not everyone is safe and not everyday someone gets to come home. We aren't making peace on the streets anymore, toddlers teenagers and adults are losing their lives all due to gun violence. Prices on guns and equipments are affordable, what needs to change is the prices on the Guns or at least help control the violence.

   January 31st, 2012 I lost a wonderful man name Sophos Siv due to gun violence, my uncle's death isn’t a story to be told because it’s too difficult to handle. He was shot twice and had other disturbing things done to him, he would’ve survived if he hadn’t been shot. March 30th, 2013 Sophol Siv, a father figure to me, Everyday he tells us he regrets everything he had done. My uncle sadly shot an innocent man, he was upset the day it happened. Siv did things he knows he shouldn’t have done. They were fathers, brothers and husbands. Both of my uncles would have been home with the family if it wasn't for being shot or shooting someone.

   Philadelphia shootings happens at least once everyday, although we don’t want it to be that way, it’s happening. Everyday us teenagers have to tell each other to be safe going out. Now and days people don’t solve their problems by fighting or arguing they shoot now. Philadelphia is known to be one of the top most dangerous cities. The shooting in Philadelphia is increasing each year, there's a lot of more lives being taken from families and guns are of course the reason of their deaths. It’s not only in Philadelphia where gun violence is occurring it’s all around the world, some of the shootings like Sandy Hook, Orlando’s Massacre, and the Virginia Tech Shootings were one of the most devastating shootings.

   By now, at least 9 out of 10 people of the population of Philadelphia own a Gun. The cost of Guns and equipments are way to low for people to be buying. Young teenagers are easily being handed over a simple gun that can simply cause a death. Yes, guns are illegal in Philadelphia but as long as you have your license you are fine in some ways. We need to look out more for people who are illegally selling guns. Owners might not care who buys guns and equipments because they’re making a profit out of it. The more guns that are easily being bought the more lives are being lost, think about the kids out here in Philadelphia,PA.

   I hope the facts that I have told you made you realize how gun violence is affecting us. Losing people isn’t easy and I am sure you would know how it feels. As the President of the United States I ask for you to help control gun violence in Philadelphia. I don’t want to go outside being afraid and I also don’t want to turn on the TV and hear about another human being shot. Please, lower the guns and equipments and be sure guns aren’t affordable. Keep our city safe.

Sincerely, Jade Koam