Mackenzie H. Missouri

Abortion is not okay.

No human life should be taken.

Dear Next President,                                         

Unborn babies are human beings with a right to life. Some people are having babies and end up not wanting their babies. Other people are having babies and don’t have the money to care for a baby. People who are having sexully active should use protection or get on birth control.

An abortion takes away a human life. Family and friends are both affected by this decision emotionally. Families are affected physically and financially. To stop this problem, our laws should stop encouraging abortion!

A website called, “Abortion”, written by Claire Kaplan, says, “1.1 million abortions happen yearly.” Due to abortion, more lives are being shattered. According to Anisa R. Assifi, approximately ⅓ americans have an abortion by the age of 45. So, this would include teenage years to 45 years as well. There are a lot of risks to have an abortion, they aren’t good for your body. For example, heavy bleeding, dangerous infections, death, and etc. Yet again, some women, their body doesn’t allow them to have babies.

Abortion is not okay. There is nothing cool about taking a beautiful human’s life away.


Mackenzie H.