Savana J. Montana

Abortion Laws Should Be Changed!

There are many reasons the abortion laws should be changed.

Dear Future President,

There are many problems that America is facing right now. I am a female who is currently attending high school, and I personally believe that one of the biggest problems in America right now is abortion. Every year 35% of teens that get pregnant have an abortion. As the next president of the United States you should consider changing the abortion laws. One reason I believe these laws should be changed is because every life matters. I also believe that these laws should be changed because abortion is potentially more dangerous than actually giving birth.

Every single year there are approximately 1.21 million abortions in America, and approximately 46 million world-wide. In my personal opinion, every life matters. Everybody deserves a chance at life. If they haven’t done anything to harm anyone or anything then why are they being “murdered”? It’s like execution, with no reason. As Dr. Seuss would say “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

After a woman has an abortion she faces many risks. There are physical, emotional, and medical risks that a woman faces when she chooses to have an abortion. Some of these physical complications include; excessive bleeding, cervical injuries, sterility, and many more. Abortions can lead to premature birth and miscarriages in later pregnancies.

Some people may say that the woman has the choice whether or not to abort her child. However, I believe a human life begins the second it is conceived; if the mother has the choice to abort the child and not go to jail or prison for murder, that’s saying murder is legal. If I can’t walk out my front door and kill someone, a “mother” should not be able to have an abortion.

In conclusion, I believe that you should change the abortion laws because every single human life matters, and there are many potential problems that are associated with an abortion. If the abortion laws were changed most everybody would have a chance at life.


Savana Jensen