Keaton Weber Ohio

National Debt

Increasing at such a rate if we don't do something the United States will go bankrupt

Dear Mr.President:

I’d be happy to inform you that the United States national debt has soared to nine-teen trillion dollars over the course of the past years. Under former president Obama the debt went from $10.627 trillion Jan. 20 to $17.994 trillion Dec. 3. That’s a whopping 70 percent increase. That’s not all either: the national debt has been increasing $2.48 billion a day since Sep. 30, 2012 and will continue to do so until we take evasive action and correct our former presidents, mistake.

The national debt is rising at such an alarming rate, that it is less than 20 percent away from being at the same increasing rate as World War 2. If it gets this high we could potentially go bankrupt. According to the site statista the national debt by 2026 will be $29.314 trillion. This is almost 50 percent, over a course of a decade. If we keep going at a rate like this our great country will fall apart.

Mr. President, please get these problems fixed such as health care, and careless spending. We must fix these problems that are sucking our country dry, by standing up and getting them corrected instead of sitting around until we can't do anything anyway. We can start  making these changes by replacing healthcare with something cheaper and more efficient. Cut our spending limit, and if we do not do this our country will pay the ultimate price.


Keaton Weber