Eric G. Ohio

Disrespecting our nation

Kneeling in front of our nation's flag.

Dear Future President,

Recently people have been kneeling during our nation's song. People who do refuse to stand with their hand across their chest say it's not disrespectful but it's a form of protest. The first to start kneeling was Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback that plays for the San Francisco 49ers. The people kneeling before the stars and stripes are disrespecting our country reminding us that we need to be grateful for the land that we live on.

Some people are doing the exact opposite of kneeling and refusing to respect the flag. Some other players from the San Francisco team are holding their right fists high in the air. People have showed respect at sporting events since 1918 so why should it be different now. In my opinion we all need to be holding our fists high. This is an act of unity that right now in today's world our country lacks. Holding our hands high would also respect the fact that heroes suited up in blue, holding handcuffs or a fireman resistant clothes, grasping a hose that save lives every day.

Another San Francisco player has a different view. Torrey Smith, is a guy that likes to speak his opinion on a number of different issues. During the star spangled banner though he doesn’t kneel or raise his fist. Smith thought about kneeling to protest the issue but one conversation with his 25 year army veteran has kept him from doing so. Smith has respect for Kaepernick and his kneeling ways. I agree with the wide out when he says "I do my protesting in a less public manner."

The protesters say that they have the right not to stand up during the song, and technically they do. But if they are trying to get the word out about racism then clearly this is not the way. The stars and stripes don’t just stand for a country with equality, it stands for the people who have fought in war to give us that freedom. So the people who are protesting for equality, you are also standing against the thousands of heroes who have risked their lives and some have lost them giving you the most freedom a country can have.

So it’s up to the future president. The men and women kneeling before the national flag are proving that we don’t respect this beautiful country as much as we should. Our country's leaders and it’s people have a very important decision to make.Will you sit back and watch while our country is being disrespected, or are you willing to stop the senseless kneeling? 


Eric G.