Maddison M. Ohio


Abortion is very unsafe and wrong, proving that we as a country needs to do something about it.

Dear Future President,

I may not understand all of this nations problems. This particular subject is a problem that is occurring a lot. My topic is abortion. Nearly 42 million women have an abortion each year. This is a big problem, abortion is unsafe and many women are dying from it. The government doesn't realize how many people die from abortions each year. Do you really want this nation to be known as a nation that doesn't care about little lives? Although abortion may end unplanned pregnancies we shouldn't be allowed to have abortions. They are very unsafe and many women die, proving that this country needs to do something about it.

There can be multiply causes of an abortion. One of the biggest things that is a cause of abortion is unplanned pregnancies. And we have to know the causes of unplanned pregnancies, which would be Birth control failure, couldn't get any birth control pills, and rape. The rape is the biggest things because if they are 15 years or younger and have been raped, they don't want a baby. But they certainly don't want to kill an innocent life. Rape is a crime but killing someone without them doing something is somewhat a crime to, but that's a whole other letter. My point is if they have been raped they need to try and have the baby. Another cause of abortion would be that they can't support or care for the baby. I understand that they can't support it but what's the point of killing the baby. They could put the baby up for adoption, or get a better job.

A possible solution of this problem can be There should be a law made that abortion is not to be performed, unless under rare cercinstancems. Abortion is like committing a crime because when criminals kill people they get sent to jail, But isn't that what abortion is, killing people? So why let more crime occur , make abortion illegal. The law should be placed, it's not only.killing people, it's also unsafe. In a recent study of obstetrics and gynecology shows that, nearly 20 million abortions out of the 42 million abortions are unsafe. If this law doesn't become a real law, and more abortions continue to occur, it will become a bigger problem and even more women will die. So why not change the law now, do you really want poor little babies being killed before they get to even experience this wonderful nation of ours, and more women dying because they think it's safe.

On the other hand, Many people may say that it's becoming safer and you're taking away women's rights by changing the law. Well that's not exactly true. It should not be right for a women to kill a baby without punishment. There tectonically committing a crime by killing someone. The people that commit murder get in huge trouble. So it's the same thing you are killing someone. And even if it is becoming safer then why are people still dying from having an abortion. About 97% of the unsafe abortions are occurring in growing countries. And news flash this is a growing country! Nearly 68,000 women die of an abortion each year. The women that survive the abortion, about 50% of them have long term health complications. So you're not taking women's rights away your taking away a child, Ands it's not becoming safer because 30 million abortions are unsafe, and many women are dying.

So future President, please take my reasons and solution into consideration. We should not be able to perform abortion, it's very unsafe and a horrible thing to do. Proving that us as a country needs to do something about it. If you continue letting women have abortions, many more little lives will be lossed. Also Many women will continue dying because they think abortion is safe. So, Future President if you don't make abortion a law, this country will continuously be dying. Don't you want to be the president that changed many people's lives and saved many little children's lives?


Maddison M.

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