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College Tuition

We need to lower college and university tuition cost before our economy collapses.

Dear Future President,

I’m a student at Brookville Local Schools in Ohio class of 2021. Last year I did a college project for one of my classes. When it was time to look for a college it was very difficult to pick one because of how expensive the tuition was. I realized that we should lower the tuition in colleges and universities so our entire economy does not collapse. I would love to see the tuition cost to drop before I graduate high school.

In the first place why did college tuition prices go up? Well the main reason is that in most states, the government used to support the colleges by funding them but now they don’t support them as much. Back in the 1990s the average family earned 13,000 a year. That could get them in college which cost about 5,000. Plus they could get a car that cost 4,000 and a house that cost 16,000. But now the average family earns about 62,000 while college is roughly 46,000 which makes the students not able to afford anything else, because they need a car that cost 20,000 and a house that could cost 168,000. I know that there's options so which you can borrow money but some students are borrowing so much it's taking them forever to dig themselves out if it. Only the wealthiest will be able to afford the extra things.

So if students can’t get into a good college then there's probably going to be some serious consequences. One thing that is happening now is that business owners aren't getting the types of workers they need because there are going to be millions of people that can’t afford college in which they can’t get a job that is opened. Scientists proved that going to college increases the chance for more productivity, which makes businesses more profitable. And when businesses are more profitable, then more businesses won’t leave the country to work in china or somewhere else; which will fix the job in the U.S

So many people are affected by this. The government needs to start to fund the colleges more so it is cheaper to students. We need to expand the opportunities for students that can’t afford college. They could do small lessons on a computer and earn college points for that. The wealthier should have to pay more to get in the college. The colleges could give out more scholarships. There's lots more ways we can make this work.

So, Mr president it's up to you to make the decision. Will we make America great again with more smart and intelligent people in the United States which could bring back jobs? Or will we have a soon collapsing economy that could doom the United State and potentially the world's economy. Lower the tuition in college and universities; we need more intelligent people out there.



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8th grade students at Brookville Intermediate School have been studying issues that are important to them. They are posting their letters to the next president in order to have a voice in the upcoming election.

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