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Could the gun laws use a fixer upper?

Could the gun laws be changed or even rewrote? The gun laws are slipping and it's time they get changed.

Dear Next President

Gun control is an issue that needs to be addressed in the U.S. since many people are suffering from guns in different ways.They, in some places, could be loosened or in others they need more enforcement. Many people are opposed to gun laws and some of the states have even made their own, I believe the gun laws need to be changed to stop people from getting injured or worse.

The first reason the gun laws need changed is for self defense. If someone attacks you and you have a gun you should be allowed to defend themselves. You should need to go through some sort of special training before owning a gun. People who use a gun for defense should need to be able to tell if the attacker is using force or a weapon or both before firing. People need to be more careful though, for instance if someone you didn’t know pointed toy gun that could look real at you would you fire back with your own gun?

The second reason is that not all people should be able to own or use a gun. Their should be separate age limits for when someone can shoot a gun and someone can own one. If someone has a disorder or problem they should not have a gun. Like in the first reason people who want to shoot or own a gun should go through two separate classes and passing them before owning and using for safety.

The third and final reason that the laws could be changed is for the usage. If someone uses their gun wrongly no matter how big or how small they should be required to have around a year without being allowed to use a gun. For instance if someone uses a gun to harm another person they should go to jail and not ever be allowed to use a gun for the rest of their life. If someone uses a gun to shoot at an animal that is out of season they should have their gun taken away for around a year and need to skip the next hunting season. If someone passes the limit allowed in hunting they should not be allowed to use the gun for around a year. If someone goes to jail because of violating the law with use of a gun and comes out of jail they should not be allowed to handle a gun for the rest of their life. An exception for the coming out of prison situation was if it was a hunting violation

In conclusion the hunting laws could use a change to help out the United States of America.The changes in the law can be changed from how the law was broken to how the owner used the gun. Finally how the laws could be changed.

From, Jack

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