Daniel F. California

AP Tests Are More Important Than The SAT/ACT.

I believe that AP tests should be given more emphasis for students' academic abilities, than the SAT or ACT tests.

Dear Next President:

I know that there are many concerns that people have throughout the U.S that should be addressed but I hope that this letter comes to you. I don't think you would like to wake up remarkably early on a Saturday morning and sit down in a room full of kids and take a four-hour college admissions aptitude test that doesn't prove to anyone what a students is capable of accomplishing. I truly believe that a four hour test on a Saturday morning does not determine what we learned throughout our four years of high school. In contrast, passing AP tests may make a student stand out on a college application because admissions officers see that you have taken challenging courses. Passing AP tests allows students to get college credit at some colleges, saving them more money and time spent in college. For this reason, AP tests should be more seriously considered than the SAT or the ACT.

Led by William C. Hiss, a group of researchers conducted a study where they observed 33 public and private universities where it is optional to submit SAT or ACT test scores. They recorded about 123 thousand students and found out that test scores didn't match how a student does in college. This supports the idea  that students with high SAT or ACT scores are not smarter or are more successful in college than those who don't take them. As seniors in high school  focusing on college can be very stressful. Waking up early on a Saturday morning, with our brains barely processing the material is not a fair way to take a test. At some point, students just want to get over with it and give up because of how difficult it is to focus for four hours.

Alternatives could be to entirely focus on AP tests so students can strive to be an AP scholar. The more AP tests students pass, the more they stand out when admission officers read their application. Another alternative is the SAT and ACT start times should be moved later in the day, so students have time to wake up and have a good breakfast. Eating a good healthy breakfast helps students get through the day. And last, have the tests should be divided into different sections, so students do not have to sit in a room for hours at a time. These are some of the alternatives that should be implemented to reduce my concern.


Daniel Flores

The Preuss School UCSD

Block 8

AP English Lit & Comp, B Day

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