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The Children are the Future, and We Must Prosper

The way we are feeding our students in school is detrimental to their health and therefore affects the ability to learn and be prosperous. This is essentially why we are students in the first place; to be prosperous and make the future generations better than the past. We need to be feeding our children correctly and that starts with school lunches.

Dear Future President,

My name is Kaitlyn Fields and I am a high school student in California. During President Obama's terms as president of the United States, the First Lady created her own organization in attempt to provide healthier eating choices for children in learning environments across the country. This attempt was beneficial to many, but also ineffective for a lot of students as well.

Personally, in my school, and many of the people’s schools that I know of around me, we are still being served disgusting, artificial, unhealthy, bad-for-you junk food. Everyone I've discussed the issue with is absolutely sick of it, literally. Statistics say that those who are well fed, with a nutritiously balanced and rounded meal, do better in school. Michelle Obama's organization has proved this.

We also know that the unhealthy junk food that they feed the mass majority of children attending public schools in this country is actually the same price as the healthy food that would provide all the things a body needs. It doesn’t make sense that the schools would be feeding their children food that makes them do worse in school for the same price they could be feeding them in order to lead them down a path of success, or at least a better chance of it. It is common sense that healthy eating habits provide benefits to your mind and body in countless aspects, and the frozen sludge hamburgers are not doing that for me, or anyone else.

Maybe we should consider making laws that school lunches must meet certain requirements to provide healthy choices, all while staying under the budget; please consider this, as all the students from around the country are willing to eat healthy if we were even given the choice.


Kaitlyn Fields

Newbury Park High School

English 11IB period 2A

High school English IB course

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