Lizzie B.

Letter to the Future President

Dear Future President, Hopefully you will be an honest, caring leader because this is what we need in America. We also need a confident leader that knows what they’re talking about and understands what is going on around the world. You should know how to stay calm in stressful situations because that is basically your job in this country. This means not to yell at other people and blame others, take some responsibility for your actions. You should care for your citizens at all times. You will hopefully be determined to make America as great as possible. Do not be scared to draw the line when you need to. You should know what to be concerned about, which involves North Korea, ISIS and racism. You may also want to try to get us out of as much debt as possible. To do this, try saving the money instead of spending and giving it away. When you look at the debt clock, it never stops going up and I find this appalling. The United States has the largest debt in the world and I believe the situation needs to be handled as soon as possible. If you make promises, keep them and make them happen. This will get the citizens to trust you and have faith in you. They should not be worried about the decisions you are going to make. You should be great at problem-solving because there is a lot of problems you will be dealing with, especially in America. Sincerely, Elizabeth Baldwin