Albert L. California

Immigration Helps America

Immigration is a good thing for America. America's immigrants help its economy. Undocumented people bring different cultures to America and America is known for its racial diversity.

Dear, Future President

Immigration is a good thing for America. Undocumented people will work for less, word in hard hazards and build our country. I do not see why Future President, you would go against immigration because America was founded on the hard work of immigrants; also our ancestors were immigrants. Going back to when the Europeans used to set sail to America, or Latinos migrating to western states and Undocumented immigrants trying to enter America on boats, immigration is culture and America is all about different races which brings cultures together. Immigrants risk their lives to seek a better opportunity in America. America benefits from immigration because it helps the economy; undocumented people contribute to a richer culture and undocumented immigrants are willing to take all kinds of jobs. Immigration helps build our economy because immigrants start businesses which can create jobs for Americans. American business has boosted earnings from immigrants and they develop cutting edge technologies and companies for Google, eBay, Yahoo, etc. 

Undocumented people bring culture and skills to our great nation. Having a mix of cultures in a country is a great thing because immigration brings racial diversity into our country, different cultures mean people can come together and share their beliefs. Immigrants have a goal to make a living in America and they will work a job the average American will not be willing to take. This gives America an advantage in farming life, households, cleaning, and taking care of an adult in need. An illegal immigrant can take up these kinds of jobs. Coming from where one of my mother's family was undocumented for a while and seeing how she has become successful though starting with nothing and helping take care of the elderly, gives me the hope that other undocumented immigrants can succeed and help our country.

Sincerely, from a consumer American