Affordable Education

The importance of affordable education for students of Louisiana

Dear Future President,

In the state of Louisiana, TOPS, or the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students, is a scholarship program that has always been a deciding factor in whether or not Louisiana students will be given the opportunity to get a college education. In the past year due to economic problems, tuition for students has become less of a priority and only about 70% of TOPS is being given out to current students this semester. It is not guaranteed but is estimated that the percentage will drop more in the next year (The Advocate).

This is an important issue in my state and in my life because I am currently a high school senior preparing to go to college. My family and I are concerned about tuition, but no matter what I am going to be able to go college. Student loans are an option for college students and that may be something I have to do. However, that is not the case for all students. Many students cannot afford college tuition and are too worried about the debt that student loans will put them in. They then decide that it is not worth it to go to college. 

The flooding in Louisiana this year has also made an impact on the future of our students. Many people who thought they were going to be able to afford college may not be able to. Some families now have to spend that tuition money to rebuild their homes and to get their lives back to normal. Having a good education and finding a good job will be an important part of getting one's life back to normal. 

Education is very important and should be available for everyone so that they can better themselves and have a successful life. I think that the TOPS program should be restored to its full extent or that tuition should be made more affordable so that the future leaders and citizens of our country will have a good education.

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