Marcus T. California

Gun Control

Dear Future President,

One of the most commonly debated issues that has affected thousands of lives across the U.S is gun control. Those who have experienced a shooting are left in a tragic emotional or physical state. Over the years our government has been constantly trying to enforce new acts to restrict gun use, however with recent shootings it seems to have little effect. There has been at least 126 mass shootings from Jan, 2000-July, 2014. Mr. or Mrs. President what can be done to put an end to this? How will you prevent future shootings from occurring in the U.S again?

Every state has their own set of of gun laws. Where I live in California you need a permit to purchase and carry a gun. However in other states such as Florida open carry is allowed. Just recently there was a mass shooting at a nightclub, ¨Pulse.¨ It was declared one of the deadliest mass shootings since September 9, 2001. These, ¨open carry¨ gun laws allows anyone to roam freely with a gun at their side. Who knows what may trigger them to react in deadly ways. Some of these people who cause these shootings have a mental illness, and the cost to treat these illnesses are too expensive for some to afford. 9 out of 10 americans believe we need to do background checks to prevent guns ending up in the wrong hands.

Roughly around 48 children/teens are shot everyday, and about 7 of them end up dead. The thought that anyone can carry a gun around frightens me and my family. This personal fear of getting shot today are getting more and more realistic.

Gun violence kills just as much as car crashes. I believe stricter laws needs to be put in place to prevent these shootings. So that as a citizen of the U.S I can feel safe going out, and not have a fear of being shot. These shootings claim hundreds of lives and needs to be put to an end. This is an issue that has been going on for years, and I hope you can end this violence.


Marcus T

Rancho Bernardo High School


Mrs. Ugalde's sophomore writers

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