Gabriela E. California


I am concerned about the high cost of college tuition and housing.

Dear President Obama, 

              Hi Mr. President, my name is Gabriela Escobedo. I am a senior at San Marcos High School from San Diego, California. I am the first in my family that wants and is going to go to college, but I am concerned about the high cost of college tuition and housing. I have many people living in my house, so I have to share a room with my siblings. After high school, I am planning to move out and get my own space, that is why I started working. The college I want to go to is California State Univerisity of San Marcos.

              One of the reasons why I might not go straight to a 4 year university is because of the high cost of college. Even if I go to a 2 year, it is pretty expensive. Since I am also trying to get my own place, or even share a dorm, the money I earn and the money that my parents earn, isn't enough to cover what I would have to pay. I know there are scholarships I can apply to but it would still be too expensive. I believe that a student who wants to go to college, and wants to pursue a career, but has economic issues should not have to worry about the high cost of college if they are willing to keep on studying.

              Thankyou President Obama, I appreciate you for taking the time to read my letter and my concern about the high cost of college and tuition.


Gabriela Escobedo



San Marcos High School

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