Jeanette Pennsylvania

Unfair trials


`Dear Next President,

My name is Jeanette Lam and I live in Philadelphia. Somethings that I have notice about the world and government is that it’s unequal. Our world treats others poorly, they are either faced or going through an unjust situation one specific one are unfair trials. Unfair trials are important to me because it’ a serious thing that’s going on in this world. To make myself clear trials like Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Sandra Bland. All of these victims have something in common they still aren’t faced with justice even if they’re dead. As of today nothing has changed those name are the names of the victims that had gone through the same situation and it hasn’t made a difference today. One specific way to explain the problem is raping.

Imagine that one of your loved one had been raped and the corbort spending only 2 months? How would you feel? I’m not sure about your opinion but I'm pretty sure that you would want justice for them like I would. I’d fight for them until they achieved it. Until this world starts to feel the same or good enough for them to live in it again. Until all the pain are healed. I know that I can't imagine myself in that situation, but to have a loved one being hurt emotionally and physically would tear me apart.

Raping someone isn’t just raping someone. You’re dehumanizing them, you make them feel worthless, that they don’t have a reason to live for anymore. Raping is a serious crime and it should be treated like one. The suspect should be sentenced to approximately 10 years including a restraining order from the victim. Something less is pointless. Meaning what’s the point if they haven’t served the time that they need too. If they are only spending months and years less than 10 than that isn’t fair for the victim. The victim shouldn’t be scared or haunted by the suspect to ever think that they should see them in the streets or anywhere near them.

Remember the Kesha scandal? Kesha is a pop-star singer. Kesha was with the record label Sony Music. It all happened two years ago when Kesha accused her manager, Dr.Luke, of rapping her. The outcome of this caused her to go to trial. The judge had come to the decision to not have her not leaving the music company or her contract. Her contract state that within her 6th album she’ll be able to leave. Why does a woman rape by her manager still have to make them money and stay with them? She shouldn’t be living a life like this to be forced to see him everyday until she is done her album. This is such an unfair trial due to having kesha stay with him. Because of kesha being such a powerful person in the industry all of her fans stay supporting her through it all. Til this day they still support kesha.

Unfair trial is a major problem in our world and it leaves people feeling hopeless. Anyone in the world could faced this situation whereas not enough evidence, a lying witness, and an unfair amount of sentences. Some ways to solve the situation are lie detector test and also not looking at the person but the crime they committed. It’s important to live in a world that gives everyone justice and equality so everyone can feel and be safe. The future of the US can finally start to be a better place.