Channela T. Pennsylvania

#Medical Care Problems

A letter by Channela to the next president.

Dear Next President,

My name is Channela Thong. I am 16 years-old and i live in Philadelphia PA. I am a student attending Olney Charter High School at the moment as a junior. I just wanna talk about the medical care and how its a problem. Many people are actually suffering to afford medical care. I believe that patients are not getting the medical treatment they are needed. Matter of fact they are suffering because of doctors and nurses after letting their lives being in their care.

Let me tell you about my cousin who is suffering with cancer right now. Before it all began, he was already experiencing malfunction with his body. For instance, arms are not responding and leg sprains. Apparently, he was taken to the doctors many times to check-up, but their response was that nothing was wrong with him. Advice and medicine wasn’t given to help with his problem. One day his condition was getting worse. After a few check-ups, there was a discovery that he had cancer. This example shows why the next president should see why we need better medical care in our life.

My cousin is not the only one experiencing medical care problems; in fact here are some of other people’s point of view. To start off, “ The amount of money wasted and spent are extremely high, matter of fact the average cost of a hospital is $18,000, it’s more than what Americans can originally spend on a vacation ”(Dr.Mercola). I personally agree money should be going towards medical, but we spend a little over what we can make for ourselves to medical. Listen to this, “35% of Americans have difficulty paying their medical bills, and nearly ⅔ of all bankruptcies are linked to inability to pay medical bills due to being uninsured or underinsured ”(Dr.Mercola). Therefore, the money going towards medical bills are extremely high and a problem that should be changed in Americans way of life.

The statistics surrounding our health care represent the real people that suffer because of medical care. My second reason is the hospital doctors and nurses mistakes following along with procedures their given to take care of the patients. For example, “ Our health care system is losing more than 500 patients per day from errors, accidents and infections in hospital alone”( Leah Binder). Also, many patients have been suffering from procedures that wasn’t even needed to be done.

Because you haven’t experienced problems with health care like my cousin , you might not understand. But consider this. It’s understandable that hospital workers indeed went to medical school and learn all there is to satisfy the patient needs. Although they do intend to may have over think the patient problem giving them false information and the kind of treatment that are not necessary. Would you want to see a love ones going through with these issues? To see the people you cherish suffer so much because of the hospital doings. It’s true, yes, hospital do save lives. Just think though, they can also abuse it and take it away from you.

In conclusion, i believe as you, the next president should really make a change in the medical care. Imagine seeing your loved one suffering from medical care just to stay healthy, well and alive. Do you really want to see them struggle? This is how your people feel going to the ER. If you want to be a president we can depend on, then please fix the problem of our feelings towards the medical care. Just think, how would you feel if you went through this situation and what kind of changes would you want to make? What are your wishes? What do you hope that will make it all better? Thank you, as the next president for your time and really think about this problem with medical care.