Trey Pennsylvania


We need to stop bullying around the world for good because people are getting hurt world wide

October 13, 2016

Dear Future President,

To the Future President, I have been concerned about the bullying that has been happening around the world. The bullying that I heard of that is going on is forcing other people to do something that he or she does not want to do or what the bully wants. In schools they should teach about bullying because then when someone is getting bullied they will know it is bullying and that they can tell someone to get help. Many kids around the world, and even grown-ups, are getting bullied because of their skin color our how they are different. Many kids are getting really hurt because of all the bullying. Kids are getting pushed down steps, getting into fights, getting put into the hospital or even feel bad about themselves because of bullying. I really think that bullying should not be part of this world and we need to do something about it now, before things get worse. One solution could be that if someone is bullied they should get a fine or a punishment. Bullying is a world-wide problem.

I hope that you read this letter and also want to do something about this world issue. Maybe together we can do something about it, like stop it for good or make a law to protect people being bullied. You could hold a press conference about bullying or educate people to stop bullying in schools and on the streets of cities and towns.