CCC Pennsylvania

Equal Pay

If women get to vote work and run for office, why don't they get the same pay as men?

                                                                                                                                Nov. 2, 2016

Dear Next President,

Through all of American history, women have seemed to be a lower class. However, women slowly progressed. They got the right to vote, they get to work, and they can run for office. If women have all these rights, why don't they get the same pay as men?

My grandmother got divorced when my mother was in 7th grade. Because of that, my grandmother had to take care of two girls, herself, and run a household. My grandmother had three jobs, and when my mom and aunt were old enough, they got jobs too. If there was at least one man in that house, they would've had enough money to not work as hard.

My mom’s friend worked at Goodyear for about two years, and one day she found out her male co-worker got 10% more money than she did. She took it up with her boss and found out all her male co-workers got more money than her and her female co-workers.

The way we can solve this problem is making it a law that if women pay the same prices for goods as men, they should get the same amount of money as men. It would help families to take care of kids and school.

In conclusion, equal pay for women would show how our country is truly equal. It can help people who are looking for a new job, to still have money. Also, more women might go into the workforce. No matter what sex, Americans should be paid equally.