Haley H. Kentucky

Stop Animal Cruelty

We, the people of this country need to stop and become more aware of animal cruelty.

Dear Future President,

We have some serious issues going on. As a nation we must work on these issues together–why must animals have to feel pain? Tell me why they have to go through being left alone, not being fed, or being abused. Why do you think your life is more important, or why you don't have to help or feel bad for these innocent creatures? How would you feel if you go home and your family is like "Oh, you don't get to eat." or "I don't want you anymore. Bye! Have fun on the street." What about being abused? Do you feel like that is ok, too? If you don't want to be beaten on, then why let an innocent animal have to go through it? What did they do to deserve this type of neglect and abuse? NOTHING!! We need help these poor animals. Don't you want to make this country a better place? As President, you need to set the example and encourage people to volunteer more. Tell people "Please, if you have a pet or are wanting one, don't neglect it or abuse it. You never know when someone will have enough of it then you won't have an pet anymore because it will be taken away from you for sure. Just how much can they take, think about that. We need to know that in harsh weather conditions animals need to have shelter. Don't just leave them chained on a fence or a tree. We need to cherish these pets, and we need to love them and take good care of them, because to them, you are their parents. You saved them, they love you unconditionally. Why would you want to betray that love and trust they feel for you? So please, if you have a pet or are wanting one listen to this letter be the better person don't be a person that likes to neglect and abuse innocent animals. Do you want to be a person that is bad and likes to neglect and abuse, or be a good person and take care of them like they your own child? Think about that.