Nathan V. Kentucky


What the president should be doing to schools.


         You should be worried about the education of adults and free college. There is one thing you are forgetting about though. The kids we need help we feel like our school has no care in the world about our health. School is boring and some kids get scared about test and they may that half of our grade. That means if you get nervous and mess up you will lower your grade a lot . Testing time should be lowered so kids don't get bad grades from getting nervous. They think we are the flash apparently because we get a load of homework at least us. 

They don't care about our health at all. The serve us bad food and milk. They also give us homework that we have to stay up and do then we have to wake up early so we are not getting the required sleep. Also they think that it is okay to make us shut up and not be social. That also gets put with homework because we won't be able to have a life.

Whatever we do it seems a simple test can ruin a kids life this is not fair. Most kids get so nervous and fail the test it is awful really. I think we should lower the amount of test we have a year. We should also not say it is a test. Most people agree with me.
The last thing is the most evil of all. Homework it is the worst. It is in a lot of categories but I did not mention them in that last section for some reason. But it is very bad it kills are social life , makes us become nervous. There is so many more reasons why it is evil too.

Hopefully we all agreed on my letter. That we need some changes to the education system . Another thing is that the teachers don't get enough sleep either this causes a lot of problems . There is a reason why our school system needs tweaking. Hopefully some teachers also agree with me we can change this together and with our future president.