Colin A. Kentucky

My letter to the President

This is a letter to the president describing the issue of the US economy.

Dear future president,

Today I will be discussing with you an issue of the US I chose to speak with you about. My subject is economy. I will be telling you three reasons of why I think the US economy is an issue. I hope this changes your prospective on the economy of the US.

One of the issues the USA has with economy is that less than half of the US population owns their own house. This is a problem because if less people don’t own their own house then relators won’t make as much money. Also, almost 50% of people that are 25 years old live with their parents. I think someone should also own their own house because they most likely would want to live a life where they thrive. That was one issue with the US economy.

My second issue the US has with economy is that almost 50% of the US population doesn’t work. This is a bad thing because if people don’t work they don’t make money. If they don’t make money, then they need to get food stamps to get food. Then when they get food stamps it takes out money from the government. This leads to the US being in debt. That was my second issue with the US economy.

My third and final issue of the US economy is that the US is 19.5 trillion dollars in debt. This is the most important issue to me because it makes us not be able to get the things we want. With the US, this far in debt it will take decades to get out of debt. While Barack Obama was in office he made us 8 trillion more dollars in debt.

I hope that the issues I discussed about the US economy changed your prospective. I think this is something you need to be notified about because I want you to try and change it. These three issues are the most important to me out of all the issues with our economy. I hope you can make a change.


Colin A.


Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

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