Josh M. Kentucky


Letter to President discussing the lack of tolerance and the increase of offended people.

Dear President

Why is everyone so offended now days? I have noticed that everyone gets offended over everything spanning from gun control to gender and race. I have wondered for awhile why this is the case so I am here to provide research and facts to prove you a lot of people are throwing fits.

With the increase of offended people, it has ruined things and events for others. People that get their feelings hurt way too easily has made other people enjoyment worse. For example, Chris Rock, famous actor and comedian, has completely stopped playing at colleges and schools because “everything offends them” and they have gotten “way too conservative.” I am almost positive that not every person the attended Chris Rock’s great comedic performances were offended by his ways of entertainment, but the butt-hurt complainers got what they wanted.

A group that is well known for being very offended or “triggered” is feminist.

An unbelievable story has became viral through social media and a channel on Youtube called “H3H3 Productions”; a comedic couple film skits and sketches for the audiences’ entertainment. The events play out like this: a man named Rudy Pantoja was at the Council Chambers thanking police officers for arresting his heroin-addicted daughter and getting her help while she was in jail. All of a sudden a crazed, angered feminist named Zarna Joshi asked Rudy what his name is. Rudy states “ the only thing my brain told my mouth to do is not cuss and not give her my name.” When Zarna would not give up on trying to get his name, Rudy gave an answer that only a dad could give. “ Hugh Mungus” replied Rudy.

“Hugh Mungus, what?” frustratingly asked Zarna.

“Hugh Mungus” repeated Rudy.

Suddenly, Zarna blows up on “Hugh Mungus” stating that he is sexually harassing her. Soon security got involved and ended the heated occasion by removing her from the property.

The point of this story is to prove how bad this has gotten. Why would someone get so upset from the simple dad joke, “Hugh Mungus.” So this is why I am writing this letter; to ask why everything has to be so politically correct?