Jenna L. Michigan

Making a Safer Environment

This letter will simply give suggestions about how our society can become a safer environment.

Dear President, this letter is being wrote to you to inform you of my concerns about our environment, more specifically the safety of our environment. In our world today I see many obstacles that are stopping people from doing things they want to do.

First off, I know there is nothing you can do to stop the behaviour of harmful individuals but there are rules and options I would like to suggest to you that can make our world seem a little more safe. The three subtopics that I personally viewed are; prisoners, the homeless, and abusive homes. Coming from someone who has anxiety, and a stressful life, I can certainly tell you that our world is not secure enough, and I couldn’t tell you what somebody without anxiety thought of our vulnerable society.

I would like to talk about prisoners. The common american may believe that any offense or criminal action will end with jail time and you will either be sentenced for a couple months, years, or even life. Well the thing they don’t actually know is this thing called ‘parole’ and ‘good behaviour.’  “Parolees serving a period of supervised release must typically meet periodically with their parole agent and follow a set of conditions. Failure to do so can result in parole revocation, which means the parolee goes back to prison.” This passage comes from an article called “The Parole Process” written by Janet Portman. There are two major topics i would like to discuss about this procedure. First thing is my inquiry about why parole even exists. If such people have committed something so terrible that they end up in jail, they need to serve their time and then be released when they were sentenced to be, not let out into the world at an unrealistic time. Second, since I am informing you of our unsafe environment I hope you can see that this is dangerous to our society. Image for a moment that you are at a restaurant with your family enjoying a nice dinner. You look at the door and a parolee walks in. How would you know that they were a parolee? You wouldn’t, unless you previously knew them, they could still be unstable but you wouldn’t know. The quote above tells us that a parolee has to report back to their parole officer frequently to check in. How does that make things better? It simply doesn’t. It allows a criminal to walk the streets because they were “good” in prison. I believe that this idea of parole should be looked upon better and given an opportunity to be changed.

Next, I would like to consider the homeless. If I was too ask you if homeless people were intimidating, I can guarantee you would probably hesitate and give me an answer that isn’t very confident. This being said, not many people could say that the homeless are unsafe, or are safe. With stereotypes that have been given in our world today, thoughts about the homeless are mainly just bias opinions or an act of selfishness. If a child was with their family in a downtown area where typically most of the homeless people stay, the kid may see someone and be scared. The reason a child is scared of a homeless person is because of the physical state that homeless people are in. They don’t have any hygienic necessities causing their body to go through everything and anything. The article “Snapshot of homelessness” tells us “564,708 people were homeless on January in 2016 in the United States.” If every single child was given the chance to see a homeless person and come up with their opinions; our world is made up of opinions, that’s how it works together, no person would feel comfortable. I understand that people go through troubles in life whether it be they lose their house because of money, or they just can’t live in a home for a certain reason, but I do believe that homeless people should be looked after more and cared for more, by giving them a better opportunity to seek homeless counsel and shelters.

Lastly, there is an issue of abusive homes. I fully understand that an abused child is on a complete different level than the safety of our environment, but then again we are talking about a child’s safety in his or her own individual world. Families that have parents who abuse their children are typically already looked at by child protective services, however that’s not always the case. A child could get through their first 18 years of life being abused at home and then finally let into adulthood and be able to overcome it, but they would also have heavy baggage that they are forced to live with for the rest of their life. A suggestion I would like to give you is that every family that goes to the obstetrician, when they are going to have a child in their family, gets a background check by child protective services to make sure the parent (s) are even responsible to be having and raise a child. According to “a report of child abuse is made every ten seconds.” Imagine if families were looked over better. This amount of abused children would significantly decrease.

President, I hope that you can learn from my thoughts and the information I have presented you with. I wish to see changes come to the issue of parole, homeless people, and abused children. If you proceed to make adjustments, I would like to thank you in advance, and also for spending time to read my letter and learn about my concerns of our environment in our society today.


Clarkston Community Schools

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