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Undocumented immigrants with lives, don't just simply kick them out

Dear Future President,

Congrats on potencially being the next President of the Unites States! Im here to talk to you about the issue of immigration. Immigration in the United States is a big escape for people. People come to the United States in for a hope of a new life, escaping their country that is in poverty, full of violence, or have a corrupt government. They are here illegally because they simply don't haven't had a chance of legalizing their stay. There are 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the US, deporting 11 million immigrants would be crazy and ruin lives. Immigration is not just based on the one person thats undocumented. It involves their families and their lives they have started here.

 Instead of building a wall along the southern border and making the US isolated from Mexico, we need to fix our broken immigration system. We should check green cards, see if the undocumented immigrants have families that are citizens here. The immigrants that are already here should be able to prove themselves of the 0 harm they haven't caused and the hard work they have done to maintain their families. I understand if there are reasons to deport immigrants that have caused harm and are being nothing but lazy in this country. But don't just simply someone out because they are here illegally. 

We think they take away jobs of American Citizens but really they work the jobs Americans don't want. If they became citizens, they would then have to pay taxes which would then contribute to the economy.

 This country was developed by immigrants which means you should be understanding and sympathetic on why they came to this country. Diversity makes America a strong country.


Vanessa Galvan