kelly Washington

Racial Discrimination and Immigration

Racial Discrimination and Immigration are important issues for this country

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

Racial Discrimination has been an issue for many years and each time is getting worse. Racial discrimination is when one treats another insignificantly by their nationality, ethnic origin, sex, race or their color of skin. I think any of those things should not matter, and we shouldn't discriminate people just because we don't like them, we shouldn't discriminate people like Donald Trump does with everyone,some people like him because they think he has mind-open or maybe because they are racists like him but they don't realize that he is telling all they "hate" he has inside him and he's letting mean,racists,discriminators people feel like they are the better people in all over the world and then discriminate to the people that want to have a better life, want to have a better study in this country.

Maybe for this time it doesn't matter if Donald Trump wins or not because he already made feel to the people that are discriminators feel like making others feel less than others it’s okay but it’s not, here is an example of Racial Discrimination; Donald Trump is saying that Latinos are “rappers, killers, bad people and Muslims are terrorists”.

Everyday more people have experience of getting discriminated by others and it shouldn’t be like that because we are all the same.

Immigration is the movement or people going to live into another country which they are not native or they don’t possess citizenship in order to settle or reside there and it’s also another topic that is so important for this country because if people wouldn’t migrate to this country (United States) then this wouldn’t be the same because there would not be enough people to work like cleaning buildings,etc and the cost of things would be more expensive. Another example is that Donald Trump wants to deport more than 11 million of people, wants to build a wall and wants Mexico to pay for it , and wants to prevent the Muslims to be in this country. Does he think that is the solution to have no Immigrants in this country?

It should not be like that because “ No one is illegal” because this our country too.

Just ask to yourself is this is: Donald Trump the president you want for this country?