HANNAH Pennsylvania

Letter To Next President


Dear Next President,

My name is Hannah Ruiz and I live in Philadelphia and I go to school at Olney Charter High. I will be telling you about poverty and why you should do something about it. It's important to me because poverty is a big thing that's happening all over the world and needs to be stopped. Also poverty is increasing instead of decreasing. Poverty is something that's happening worldwide so that's not good. Also poverty is a cause of death.

There was a time where me and my mom was and are homeless. I was in 2nd grade when we first lost our house she had to pull me out of school on my last few weeks of it. We ended up living with my titi, tio and their kids, we had to sleep on a little toddler bed which was very uncomfortable. Then we got to move to our own apartment which was a lot better. Four years later we moved back to our old house, and a few months or year after we moved back in the electric was cut off so we had to go to my other titi’s house to charge our phones and we had to watch movie in my mom’s van but we did sleep in the cold house. After a month we got the light back on. Two years after that the state took our house and sold it to some man, that put my mom in a lot of stress. We moved to my titi’s house for like less than 3 months, stayed in Jersey for a week, then we moved to my tio’s house which we are currently living now. This has to do with my topic because people in poverty are homeless but unlike me they have to sleep outside. I end up having to go to 6 different schools because we lost our home.

According to www.dosomthing.org/us /facts/11-facts-about-global-poverty ½ of the worlds population is in poverty, so 3 billion of people live off $2.50 a day and 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty so they live off $1.25 a day. Also according to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day because of poverty and 1 billion children cross the world live in poverty. 805 million people worldwide don't have enough food, and 750 million people don't have access to clean water. In 2011, 165 million children under age of 5 were stunted. 2 million children die because they're too poor to afford treatment and 1.6 live without electricity. 80% of people live less than $10 a day. Here a quote “ the poor are hungry and their hunger traps them in poverty” hunger is the #1 cause of death in the world.

Imagine you were in your dream home or in your house you live in. So your in your home and then one day it's not your home no more it's going to become someone else's how do you feel about that? Now you have nowhere to live, sleep, eat and lounge around at how do you feel to have all that taken away from you? Having to sleep on the floor of someone else's house,or sleep out on the streets and some people have to do it with children and that's no way a child should live. So just imagine what people are going though in poverty. Because you haven't experienced poverty like i have, you might not understand. But consider this.

Oxfam America says it's hurting the nation and the world. Poverty is being to common, all poverty is different but all about power and not scarcity. This been going on since the 70s and now in 2 generations poverty has been the highest. Its fundament on human rights. President Ronald Reagan is anti poverty and he says “the government fought a war on poverty, and poverty won”. The statistics surrounding poverty represent the real people that suffer because of you not helping and people not having enough money.

End poverty all over the world. It's important to me because it's a big issues in the world. Everyone should care because little kids are dying and that's not fair. What u can do is help these people homes and jobs. The future can be where everyone has a job, home food, and most important money.