Lawrence P. Pennsylvania

Gun Violence

My letter is about Gun Violence in Philadelphia

Dear Next President,

Imagine your son or daughters were playing around in the yard and or walking down the street and they got hit in crossfire, you would be so devastated, and so traumatized over the tragedy that just happened.

There are many families in the city of Philadelphia who lose a family member due to gun violence every other week, and it’s devastating and scary to think about.With so many shootings going on in the city because of guns being in the wrong hands, we have to come up with a solution so solve this problem.

Next President, The murder rate of Philadelphia is at the highest it’s ever been in ten years, it is now at 208, it went up 7% on September 21, 2016. Many people are affected by gun violence every day, but the ones who are affected the most are the kids.The kids have to grow up and witness problemes like this in society

There are many solutions to solve problems like these. But i have one main solution.And that is to change the age limit to purchase and or lease guns, this way the guns will be in the write hands.

As you can see that is one of our main defaults that make the world unsafe for our youth and hopefully we can make a change.


Lawrence Porterfield