NATHAN Pennsylvania

Water Pollution

Water Pollution will destroy our human population. We will soon perish if we don't fix water pollution.

October 11th 2016

Dear Future President,

We need to get rid of water pollution. It has been hurting the environment and us, the people, since we might have swam or drank the polluted water, which is unhealthy.The pollution is a presence in the environment of a substance or thing that has poisonous or harmful effects.

Raw sewage runs into the rivers and seas and this sewage can spread diseases. This can danger us humans! The sewage also causes algae to grow in the water. The algae uses up the oxygen in the water, so animals and plants in the water can die. The sea animal population will perish, then the animals who eat the sea animals will die and we will then starve of no animals! Some industries produce poisonous gases or waste and can sometimes be dumped into rivers, which kills animals and plants. The toxic waters can hurt us too. We may even die because of the gases and the human race might end.

I think that you, the Future President should make sure that there is no raw sewage in lakes and rivers, clean the algae out of anywhere in the ocean and should prevent the industries that have poisonous gases to be dumped into rivers.