Claire S. Pennsylvania

Abortion, Controversial, I Know

I'm pro-choice. This is my opinion. I know you might not agree. But please, listen.

 So. You’re our president now, huh?

Well. You’ve got a pretty big responsibility on your shoulders, huh?

What should I say?

Here: Please don’t screw us over.

No, really. Please don’t.

This country can be something pretty great. It needs the right help.

Please be that right help.

And no, I don’t know what the definition of right is.

I’m biased. I’m not as tolerant as others.

I have beliefs that people disagree with.

I’m young and stupid and naive and thickheaded.

And I have countless beliefs on countless issues.

But I can only talk about one here.

So let’s get started, huh, President?

This is my opinion.

I’m writing this so you can read it.

I don’t know if you’ll listen, because for every letter you get like mine, you’ll find one opposing it.

I don’t even know if this will ever see the light of day.

Let’s get started now. For real.


Controversial, I know.

People get pretty passionate about this. I do.

I couldn’t do a project on this because it was too controversial.

But my classmates were free to do projects on the death penalty.






the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Thank you, Google.

What’s your opinion on abortion?

Are you liberal like me?

Or are you on the conservative sign?

Who knows.

If you are pro-choice, this won’t really be targeted towards you, but feel free to stick around.

Let’s change my approach.

You know what pro-life people have as arguments, right?


Abortion is murder

Life begins at conception, a fetus has human rights

Fetuses feel pain during the procedures

It’s against the word of God

Abortions cause psychological damage

Women should accept their responsibility if they become pregnant

Thank you,

Hm. You those are their arguments.

Here’s my response.

Abortion is murder

First, are you against the death penalty? If not, please move on to the next argument.

So you believe that all human life is sacred and should be messed with.

Some people back this claim with the federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act.

The act protects unborn children from assault and murder. I see.

I’m not calling the act wrong.

But the government has been very, very wrong before, you know.

On March 6, 1857, the Supreme Court ruled that no African American could ever become a citizen of the US.

Yes. The white rich men in charge were real asses. And by asses I mean donkeys.

Yes, yes, that was more than a century ago, but here’s the thing.

The government will never truly be right. You know that, right?

But laws can sure as hell be completely wrong.

You can’t use the government and laws to make an argument, especially someone like you who has the power.

You can change things.

Life begins at conception, a fetus has human rights

Ahh, we’re getting into human rights again. Once again, what about the Death Penalty?

Listen, if you support capital punishment, then shut your hypocritical mouth up for most of these arguments.

Oh, wait. You’re the president. Oops.

Well, I’m not deleting it.

Moving on.

Life, technically and scientifically, does start at conception.

But would you call a microscopic fertilized egg human?

Where does personhood start?

Mothers have human rights too.

They should be able to choose if they have to go through one of the most painful natural experiences.

Women have to push a watermelon sized child through a quarter sized hole.

At the very least, they should want to have that child.

Fetuses feel pain during the procedures

Wow. Ok, I’ve done less than ten minutes of research on this.

But the answers range from 8 to 24 weeks.

Geez. Thanks, science.

There is no way to measure pain.

Life would be so much easier if we have a measurement system, but we don’t.

So it’s hard to be on either side of this argument.

But if we made it easier for women to get abortions, then they wouldn’t have to wait too long.

There, problem solved.

It’s against the word of God

Oh. We’re walking out of law and walking into ethics and religion, huh?

This isn’t my forte. I’m about as religious as a crayon.

But this country was built upon the idea that everyone has freedom to their religious beliefs.

And some people don’t believe in the word of God.

A responsibility for every citizen is to respect others and their beliefs.

If you are against abortions due to your religion, that’s fine.

But some people aren’t against abortion.

They don’t hold your beliefs.

Should they not have the choice to get an abortion?

Abortions cause psychological damage

Yes, there is scientific evidence to prove this.

But imagine a woman who has been raped.

Imagine forcing her to carry that baby to term.

Imagine her looking at that child and remembering such a horrible experience every time.

Don’t you think she would be better off without that child?

And even in less extreme cases, think about it.

If there is a woman who has no stability, no way to provide for her child, why should she bear that child?

Imagine a girl whose life was ruined by an unwanted pregnancy.

Imagine what kind of thoughts would run through her mind every time she sees that child.

Women should accept their responsibility if they become pregnant

Ok, ok. Hold up.


Women can’t get pregnant on their own. What about the father?

Are you saying that a man has no responsibility for his child?

Are you saying that only women can be mothers?

Pregnancy is a responsibility, yes.

But it should be a wanted responsibility.

And it should be a shared responsibility.

Imagine if men could get pregnant.

Don’t you think some ideas would change?

Abortion promotes a culture in which human life is disposable

So does the death penalty.

But all life is disposable.

Everyone dies.

The things that make people not want to die are what they have.

A fetus doesn’t have anything to life for.

Harsh, yes.

But justifying abortion is harsh.

Take your eyes off of the fetus and put them on the mother.

Think about her.

So. You’re our president now, huh?

You definitely don’t agree with all of my ideas.

But please.


Keep them legal.

You’ve got a pretty big responsibility on your shoulders.

Please don’t screw us over.