Zion W. New York

Dear Next Future President,

The biggest issue in america needs to be fixed by our next president.

The biggest issue facing America today is the education system. School and the education system has not changed in several years, We’re still at 14th place in the ranking for school system’s around the world. And there lots of statistics that show why, The first problem is that 44% of schools said that the condition of their physical building’s interfered with learning. Second, of all the high school dropout rate for blacks it’s 11% and the high school dropout rate for hispanics is 23%. And lastly, Approximately 6 million students, grade 7 through 12 struggle to have good reading skills. If you have not seen by now, Something needs to change. I find this issue extremely important to me because I’ve been affected by this issue badly in my older school. From Kindergarden to 5th grade I went to a charter school Called “Merrick Academy” There, It was run by a small corporation that would make unskilled teachers work more ( work until 7:00 pm ) for less payment. Not to mention that the school had No Art program,No P.E.,No theatre and a terrible Math & ELA program. I have two solutions I think would fix this. My first solution is that we should pay teachers more: If teachers are paid with more money then they’ll strive to teach better and help students more. And then there’ll be less schools like Merrick Academy giving kids a improper education. My second solution is to eliminate common core: One of the biggest problems with schools that both Students & Parents hate is the testing. There are schools out there that give out way to much common core tests ( Kindergarden gives out about 14 tests a year ! Thats crazy ! ). These schools need to know the difference between teaching and testing. In the future I hope you read this letter and agree with my POV on this situation, Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Zion Willett